Melt away aches and pains with this High-Tech,Far
Infrared-Heated Car, Office TheraPeutic Pad…

Use it in Your Office.. Use it in Your CAR .. Use it As Often As You Need It!

TheraPad proves to be the easy to use miracle cure for eliminating back pain, sciatica and stimulating unbelievable comfort while sitting in your car or in your office chair.

Infrared Heating = Back Pain Relief

An estimated 80 percent of the population will suffer back pain at some time in their lives, making back pain the second leading reason for doctor visits. Using the Therapad provides you with Free Back Pain Therapy – so you can put Thousands Of Wasted Dollars Back In Your Pocket!

Eliminate expensive back pain relief drugs, which cause a multitude of additional health problems. Back pain relief drugs only relieve back pain artificially by interrupting the natural pain impulse.

How the TheraPad Works:

More than 25,000 surgeries for back pain are performed in the U.S. each year, research shows that many such surgeries may not be necessary and that four years later the back pain condition reappears.

The TheraPad infrared heating pad is unlike any on the market. All other heating pads use ordinary heat elements that are hot to the touch and only warm the surface of the skin. The infrared heat waves of the TheraPad go through the skin – through the muscle all the way to joints, bones, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels to eliminate the source of back pain.